John Rocco Roberto
I have been keeping John's History Vortex web site up and running, in a way to keep the memory of John "up and running" as well.
I have asked people to submit articles, pictures, poems, songs, or anything that would
go along with the History Vortex web site to be posted.

As always, stuff about history and, of course, Godzilla or anything Sci-fi is always welcome.

Thank you everyone who has submitted articles, and stories and for helping to keep John's memory and love of history and science fiction alive. Keepem' coming.
Quick links to the newest submitted material are below.  Enjoy.

Thank you all,

Tom Roberto
*****NEW ESSAY*****

                                      Fatalism, Fear, and Retribution: Japanese Environmentalism in Godzilla vs. Biollante

                                                                           By Bond Benton and Tracy Mariofiote

                                                                                               SUNY Fredonia

Tribute to John Rocco Roberto by Heather Strano
Dr. Who, The Eleventh Hour - a review by Andrew Panero
Dynaman: From Serious to Slapstick - by Alex "DynaSmythe" Smith
A new submission by Ben Wagner, "Toho in America, The Return of Godzilla" - August 23, 2012>

Submissions can be sent to